Saturday, June 26th, 2010

I Love your Accent but leave your Vuvuzela at home., the Transatlantic dating site founded by Londoner Rochelle Peachey is buzzing today, not with Vuvuzelas but with members emailing each other about the noise making trumpet.

There’s no way to be kind about the sound the instrument makes, it can only be described as a heard of Elephants or a massive swarm of really angry Bees. Peachey says she began to get emails from some members who were watching the World Cup football competition for the first time and believed there was something wrong with their TV sets.  American members in particular were asking what the noise was she laughs.

The announcement, on 15 May 2004, that South Africa would host the 2010 Fifa World Cup gave the Vuvuzela a huge boost, to say the least – some 20,000 were sold on the day by enterprising street vendors.

Peachey explained to her members that until now the Vuvuzela was unheard of literally and went on to say that “if the Vuvuzela was used in the UK at football matches they would likely be inserted where the sun doesn’t shine”.

Apparently, the noise gets worse when a goal is scored, so not too much noise expected when England play. Ha Ha , is that a Vuvuzela in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me!

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