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June 3rd, 2014
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Does a British Boyfriend Make Life Better?

Here at we are only too happy when we hear that you have found the love of your life and living the happy ever after so never stop letting us know .
I was sent this link the other day written by Kate Sevilla and wanted to share it with you. Brits will be falling over with laughter also feeling a little bit superior and Americans will be wondering if this could possibly be true!
Does having a british boyfriend really make your life that unique, will people behave differently towards you because your man says baaaath instead of bath and he likes baked beans with his
breakfast along with his tea (which must be made with boiling water) oh you did know that water has a T in it so it is not to be pronounced pronounced …..Waader?

We happen to think its is a humorous and somewhat accurate take on the whole dating a Brit and love across the pond sage. After reading this quirky piece you may wonder if your life could truly be that different if your
boyfriend has a British accent and the answer is probably yes. Get used to hearing I Love your accent and for your friends and even some strangers asking him to say random words for their amusement.
Dating a Brit is not the same as moving over the pond where you are the one with the accent. How will you feel when the Brits correct your pronunciation of the river “Thames” it is not Thaymes it is actually Temms and please it is never Worcestershire in Woostersheer….got it?
If all this has got your heart racing and you want to find your own little piece of Britain come and join us at and find out what’s going.
Brits dating Americans, Americans looking for a brit over,finding love across the pond or just finding love somewhere other than your own tiny town where you have already dated everyone dateable.
Rochelle Peachey and the lovely team are here to help.

Remember ..don’t just say I Love Your Accent, be a part of it.

Rochelle Peachey