Saturday, June 26th, 2010


American women are difficult to date, so say the men of New York and DC. How so you ask? NY and DC females want to know the ins and outs of a cats backside before they will tell you their names cries Martin who incidentally hails from London but transplanted Stateside with his job. “They want to know where my apartment is, who I work for and even ask how much money I make, give me a down to earth girl from London any day”.
Dating a girl from DC is akin to being on a job interview, depending on the answers you give, there may or may not even be a date, she might grab her purse and leave halfway through when you don’t come up to her ideals of being a date worthy guy.
Carl is a good looking man from Ohio who cannot get to grips with the way the NYDC women go about dating, nor does he want to. “I dated a girl from Manchester England and she was so cool, none of the showing off and materialistic ideals that these women have, no wonder they are still single”.
So is it true, have American women lost their way and are British women so wonderful?

Rochelle Peachey founder of the UK/US dating site has the answers.

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