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October 11th, 2010
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The Geordie Accent, Love it or Hate it?

Cheryl Cole wants to try her luck this side of the pond but do you think the Americans are going to love her accent? Most Yanks wont even be able to understand her according to a survey undertaken by the premier transatlantic dating site founded by Brit Rochelle Peachey.

“The feedback we got from the site was not positive for Cheryl” said Rochelle, ‘Male and female members thought she was pretty but when she spoke they thought it sounded harsh and difficult to comprehend”. We wish her good luck with her career across the pond but maybe she should stick to UK dating before trying to find a man in the USA.  Why Ay!

October 7th, 2010
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Had enough of UK Dating? Try your luck across the pond.

Helen 33 had tried dating in the UK but the Manchester native never seemed to click with any one. So she tried her luck on the Internet but still she never got further couple of dates. Then she saw and she had an idea. Why not try to date a different man in every state in the USA?  Is she serious? Apparently she was. Currently she is in Florida but she’s not dating the States Alphabetically, it seems she’s going where the flights are cheap and the weather is warm.

She is going to start a diary for us and keep us up to date on her dates.!

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Don’t just say I love your Accent, be a part of  it.

October 6th, 2010
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Americans, Brits and UK dating

It’s no secret that Americans love the way Brits speak and any Brit who has spent time in America will have certainly heard “I Love Your accent” at least once a day. I always fell that it’s much nicer that people like something about you than hate something about you, so its all good.

It seems many American ladies love the Irish accent as well as the Hugh Grant posh tones too. But when they search for “UK dating “or ‘men with accents “ have they ever heard a Geordie accent or a Brummie speak? I doubt it and if they had, most wouldn’t be able to grasp what was being said anyway. These type of regional accents are less popular with Americans and sadly a huge percentage believe that English folk wander around in the fog wearing capes and shouting Cheerio to anyone within earshot.

There’s more to the Brits than just their accents but if its accents you love and you would like to have a go at UK dating try the people at I Love Your accent and who knows what accent you might hear.

Don’t just say I Love Your accent, be a part of it.