Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013

Finally Visalus launches in the UK.

The UK is now the third most Obese country in the World, behind the US and Mexico. Obesity here costs the NHS (National Health Service) £5.1 Billion a year with Obesity related diseases. Guess who pays for the NHS? You guessed it……YOU.

Help us fight obesity one country at a time and be part of the solution, not the problem.

Vi is about to go into “Pre-­‐Launch here in the UK in June and we are looking for people who want to Improve their health and get on the Challenge, and Entrepreneurs and people who understand that for once we have a unique opportunity to be part of history and Involved right from the start. People who are looking to improve their financial situation in 2013 can make a considerable residual income from promoting the 90 Day Challenge to others. You can improve your health, your wealth and there’s even BMW’s paid for by VI. If you can see yourself in a new BMW, contact us now.



Body By Vi in the UK
90 day challenge in the UK
Visalus in the UK