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August 30th, 2010
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Do you know where your pictures are?

Do you know where your pictures are?

We all upload pictures to our Facebook accounts without a second thought. In fact sometimes we are so proud of how we look or where we have been that we just cannot wait to share that image with our friends. But did you know there is a website selling Facebook accounts?  The going rate for 100 Facebook accounts is a mere $17!

So why would anyone want to buy Facebook accounts? The number one reason is to use your pictures on dating and porn sites. Your pictures will be used in fake profiles. A married friend in London England was told that her husband was using a dating site by a friend and sure enough, his picture was there but all the personal details were wrong, his pictures had been used in a fake profile scam and it almost caused their divorce.

I have been trying to draw attention to this scandal but no one in the media seems to care, perhaps they would if they found one of their own kids Facebook pictures being used in a fake profile scam.

I run transatlantic dating site and I know how much effort, time and money it takes to get people to take notice of your site and to get them to sign up and become a member is even more work.  I only launched my site in February this year and we have 0ver 5,000 members. That’s not a lot compared to many other dating sites. but all my members are genuine, I have never “bought” or “fabricated” profiles and I never will as its unfair . We are growing daily and people are getting together so I know it works as we have had 4 weddings and a baby on the way. These are real people meeting online. I recommend you put a logo or watermark on your pictures before uploading them to the web. All the pictures on my site have ILYA (I Love our Accent) on them making them difficult to use on another site.

Have you ever wondered how a dating site you have never heard of explodes onto the web with 500,000 members? How did they get so many people on their site? Simple, they bought them, all of them.  Another scammer website actually states  “don’t start a dating site with no members, buy them from us”. In dialogue I had with someone offering me the Facebook accounts he states that they prefer to hack UK and USA Facebook accounts, as the pictures are so much better!

For research into this underground practice, I bough 100 Facebook accounts with passwords and pictures all for $17.

See screen shot of one web site that offered to sell me Facebook accounts. (click for full-size)

So, in closing, do any of us know where our pictures are ending up?

Answer.  For sure they are on dating sites around the world and quite possibly on some seriously unsavory sites too.

For more information about this scam please send me an email at

Take care all.


August 30th, 2010
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Finding the ONE!

Finding the ONE!

Kelly Preston saw a picture of John Travolta and KNEW she was going to marry him, so how do you know you have found the ONE? Read the replies from experts and regular people and please add your own tips as we love to read them; let us know if you agree with what others say about finding that special ONE. Do you go weak at the knees and butterflies in your tummy or is that just nonsense?

Let us know.

Thank you


You know a man is the one when you begin to, without thinking about it, turn down offers from other men. You know he’s the one when you feel slightly dizzy when your face is touching his. He’s definitely the one when you can’t stop thinking about him. And he’s DEFINITELY the one when he pays for everything when you’re together:) Tee hee.

Spoken by a widow of 5 years. Robin

In answer to you question. Our relationship has went very fast by some
peoples standards but it has worked for us. Our relationship started in 
June 2010 by me helping a woman in the same profession on a licensing
issue in another state by email on a Linkedin sub group. Things have 
continued by email and phone. We will meet in person in October 2010
and will most likely be engaged by the end of the year with a marriage
in 2011. She is in Denver, Colorado and I am in Portland, Oregon. She 
knew before I did in that she is highly intuitive. We have found over many 
long conversations in that we have many, many things in common and we
are on the same page on how we feel about many things. I am older
and she is younger. She very much values my intelligent and my experience.
She is exteremly intelligent in her own right. Mike

I have been married for 20 years, and I knew my husband was the one on the very first date. We dated for two months and were engaged for 4 months and married. Knowing each other a long time was not the deciding factor. The day I met him I felt utterly at ease as if I was sitting across from an old friend. Its that sense of comfort and acceptance — and absolutely no fear of not being love but just feeling completely and utterly accepted for who you are. I think you know youre with the one when you feel comfortable, accepted and loved unconditionally.  Alexandra

I am a relationship expert based out in San Francisco. 

In terms of soul mate, some of my clients feel as though if they do not feel the first spark at the very first date, they dismiss that person as a potential.  In order to determine whether they match, it is important to continue on the first date getting to know one another.  After a few weeks, of spending time together and truly getting to know someone on the friendship level, they can determine if they are a soulmate.  The problem is that people get involved physically too soon to the point that they confuse love with infatuation.

One of my clients, after a few weeks of dating this person, eventually fell for that person and are now happily married.  I truly believe that is the secret especially when it comes to online dating.  Rather than having to make that decision on the first date, keep it as friends and see where it develops. 

Here are a few things to determine whether they are “the one”:

1.  You can confide in them the same as you would confide in your best friend.

2.  You miss spending time with them.

3.  You love them unconditionally.

4.  You find their little quirks to be so sweet.

5.  You would do anything for them (within reason) if they needed help.


I had my first suspicions that my husband was special the moment he took my hand to bring me onto the dance floor.  We met at a club. There was a spark when our hands first touched.    This spark then turned into “magic”  when he kissed me goodbye that night while I was waiting for my car.  I still remember that “soulmate” feeling.   The next night we met for our first date.  Many hours later, the very first time I laid in his arms, I knew my husband was my soulmate . 
This October 11th we will be together 25 years … married 23 … and the magic … that soulmate feeling when we kiss … still continues.   Martyne

My name is Stephanie  and I am a relationship and self-help advice expert.  I  would like to share the seven characteristics that let you know when you have met your soul mate.  I also share how to transform your soul mate connection into a lasting relationship. 

From “Soul Mate FAQ”: How do I know if I met my soul mate?  

There are seven common soul mate characteristics:

1.THERE IS AN INSTANT CONNECTION: letting you know that the soul contract has been activated and that this person is going to be a significant person in your life.

2.THERE IS A PALPABLE CHEMISTRY: your fell an energetic pull towards this person, you want to touch them and be close to them.  Your energies harmonize beautifully, and there is a rightness that can be felt when you stand together

3. THEY FEEL FAMILIAR TO YOU: there is an immediate level of comfort and a profound sense that you understand and really get the person.  Many people say, “I feel like I have known them forever”.  Spiritually speaking, this is true!

4.THERE IS AN INTENSITY BETWEEN YOU: there is also a level of excitement that can be encompassing 

5. YOU FEEL HIGH:  this person’s presence amplifies your energy field, creating lots of expansion and feelings of passion and power.

6. YOU MAY EVEN LOOK SIMILAR:  Yes, sometimes we look like our soul mates (same coloring, same bone structure, same features)

7.YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH TIME CHANGES:  You are trying to process what the liner brain cannot comprehend—that you have found the eternal piece of yourself that can be mirrored back to you perfectly by another person

August 22nd, 2010
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Are you a man snacker?

Do you treat men like a box of Smarties? Indulging in them whenever you feel the need? If so, you are in danger of being a Man Snacker. Cosmo investigates….

Sitting at work, Wendy Norris, 26, picks up her mobile and sends a message to a guy she is dating. She then types in a flirty email to her work colleague and pokes her ex on Facebook. Wendy is a typical man snacker – a woman who has various men in her life to keep her entertained as and when she needs them. “I always have more than three men on the go,” she explains, grinning. “I have one man who I go on dates with, another who I sleep with and a few on the side for innocent flirting. I don’t see what the fuss is all about. Why have just one man when you can have loads?”

The type of women who depends on male attention and has multiple dating partners has been coined a “man snacker”. However, will eating up all this attention just leave you with a stomach ache? “When your needs are being met by multiple men, a bit like snacking, you never get hungry enough to go out looking for a real meal,” explains Michelle Fiordaliso, co-author of Everything You Always Wanted to know about Ex. “The focus on these quick fixes takes the focus away from looking for a long-term partner. A decade can pass very quickly and all of a sudden you’re not sure why you’re the only single girl on the block.”

Wendy is a prime example of a man snacker. She is constantly wondering if she can do any better. “No matter what man I am with, or how sexy, fun, intelligent or great in bed they are, I’ve always got one eye open to check there isn’t someone better/hotter/richer around the corner. I suppose in a way I’ve realised Mr Perfect doesn’t exist, so by dating loads of men I get all the good bits of each of them, without any of the bad bits.”

Dating expert Rochelle Peachey sees the danger up ahead for Wendy and others like her. “She may overlook someone who is completely right for her, just because she is keeping her options open. It’s like looking for a new pair of shoes. You may find one that you love, but are worried there might be a better pair in the shop across the road. However, when you realise [there isn’t], you come back to find that first pair of shoes has been sold.”

Alice Hill, 25, admits to being a man snacker for different reasons. “My confidence was really low after I got dumped by my boyfriend of two years, and so I hit the dating scene with full force. Every time a new man chatted me up, I felt my confidence soar. It was as though with each man who showed interest, I felt more and more sexy and attractive. Now I have lots of different men on the go and can’t bare the thought of getting back into a serious relationship. I love the attention I get from man snacking far too much.”
Man snackers can be easily identified. “More often than not man snackers will wear revealing clothing, be loud and confident, and boast about their conquests to anyone who is listening,” says Peachey. “They are proud of the fact that so many men fancy them and it gives them a false sense of security. I say false, because in the end no man who wants to settle down will put up with his girlfriend seeing lots of other men. By being a man snacker, women putting themselves in a position where men will never respect them will [likely] never find the one.”

So, if you are the type of woman who gorges on lots of different men, but knows deep down you hope to be married with children one day, try reducing your appetite. Fiordaliso says, ”If someone notices they’re a man snacker, they have to train themselves to stop looking for a tasty treat of a guy who’s not going to supply that much long-term nourishment and start to look towards the type of men who are more like slow-burning carbs – maybe not as exciting as a cupcake at first glance, but better for you, and ultimately not going to make you sick in the end.”

Louise Paynter, 28, ditched her man-snacking ways after realising she was only attracting men who would never settle. “I had lots of different men I was flirting with but, about six months down the line, I realised none of them could offer me anything more than just a quick kiss or romp,” she explains. One day, realisation struck. “I needed to clear out my life, so I closed my computer, stopped sending texts and turned down dates. A month later, I met the man of my dreams and we’re now getting married. Snacking was fun while it lasted but in the end I wanted something a bit more fulfilling.”

Tiffany Wright

Rochelle Peachey is a dating expert who has set up the site

August 15th, 2010
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What Do Women Want?

I put out a query What Do Women Want?

Here are some of the replies I received from women on both sides of the pond. Some are regular women and a few are “Experts”. Do you agree with them or have something to add? Please get in touch and keep the conversation flowing.


Good, bad, or indifferent, here is a list of what I WANT, or I should say NEED, in a relationship as a 53-year old, divorced, single female:

Honest and trustworthy



Nurturing (physically, emotionally, and spiritually)

Supportive (emotionally)

Truly engaged in activities – not a passive bystander

Sense of humor

Makes me feel like he’s proud to be with me

Values my opinions and ideas

Non-controlling or manipulative

Has some giddy up and go sexually.
Mary CT

For me, communication. Once I began meeting guys who would really communicate, my whole idea of relationships changed. When I was younger, I wanted the “strong, silent type”. Once I learned who I was and was open and available to new relating, I wanted communication.
Without communication, one can’t change what the other doesn’t like OR, at least have the choice to do so. This “if you loved me you’d know what I want” is crap. Love doesn’t make one a mind-reader. Asking for what one wants, telling what one wants makes life so much easier.
~ Revy Manchester

What women want can be summed up in 3 words:

Honest, Genuine Man!

They want a man who is genuinely interested in them. Someone who makes them “feel”special which is why often it is the smallest thoughts and gifts that make such a big difference, rather than the money. Don’t forget most of these women are very successful in their own right and are financially independent.

Unfortunately for some women, Chick Flicks have got in the way and have distorted what they think they want. Some women tell us that they’re look for the perfect man who is going to appear on his stallion, tick all the boxes (and there is often a long list!) and whisk them into the happily ever after. What they find in reality is that even when you do find a “perfect” man, both he and you aren’t perfect all the time and it’s about give and take – working as a team. This is not what they were expecting and they often change the type of guy they’re looking for by the end of their journey.
Jeannette, Ireland

I am a divorced 37-year-old woman with 3 small children. Simply put, as my girlfriends and I discuss men and relationships at this point in our lives it seems to me that what we all desire is a man who is willing to allow us our Independence without being threatened by it. The fact is, after a divorce, especially involving young children, a woman learns she must depend upon herself. We want our men to be happy that we have conquered home repairs and we have finally figured out how to negotiate a contract effectively and we are in command of our finances. This is not an effort to replace the men in our lives. It seems that is sometimes how it is taken. Many of us spent years supporting a man and his career; Tending to the home and letting our professional skills, licenses and contacts fall by the way side. When the divorce comes the man keeps his extra degrees, huge contact list, honed skills and big paycheck, while the woman walks at way with children, expenses and no career- plus the huge knowledge gap that contains all the traditional “man things” that we left up to our husbands- from mowing to 401K When reentering the dating world, we love that men naturally want to “take care of us”, but we are wise to the reality that helping him build his business, taking care the home and filling that traditional role puts us in a potentially bad position. It isn’t that we are “liberated, independent, career women who see no value in a traditional family life”. It is that it is very hard to start a career over after 35 and if you put yourself in a situation where you are out of the work force, or working for his business, you run the risk of having to start over. We need the men that we date to understand while many of us like a traditional dynamic, while we’d love to embrace spending our time supporting his endeavors and being a “helpmate”- it puts us in a vulnerable position that is very uncomfortable and we feel the need that in order to survive we need to be knowledgeable women who are self sufficient and they shouldn’t be threatened by that need. Here’s to good women- May we know them, May we be them, May we raise them!
C, Tulsa

What Women Want?

1. They want a someone who will listen!
2. They want respect
3. They want boundaries respected
4. They want to feel safe
5. Great sex
6. To feel loved
7. To know she has a partner she can depend on

Women don’t want men to just listen to their problems. They need someone who listens to what kind of support they need and what they need in the bedroom. I find that a lot of men will ask a woman about what she likes and doesn’t like in the bedroom and when a woman states what she doesn’t like the man tries to convince her why he is different then other men, why he is better than other men and proceed to tell her why it will feel good with him. Have you heard the saying all talk no action. It happens a lot! They say one thing, but when it comes down to it, it wasn’t good and she wishes she would have said no. Hence they are not listening to her or respecting boundaries. The outcome is now the woman doesn’t feel safe or feel like she is respected. This shuts down communication and essentially shuts down the relationship. If a man wants a woman to be open to new things, concepts and experience, he has to build truth through listening, respect and after a period of time approach the situation with a loving attitude. Explaining why he’d like to experience this with her. This works with any concept even beyond the bedroom.

The great sex comes from having the first four things in order. If you listen to her she will communicate what she needs in the bedroom and in turn you’ll give her great experiences. This leads to her feeling loved.

The last one is trickier. How does a woman know she can depend on you? It comes in a variety of forms. If you’ve been working late and going out with the boys every night after work and eventually she ask you for one night home alone and you turn her down. She can’t depend on you. If she has an emotional crisis and you leave or during an argument you abandon her and the situation, this drives home the fact that you cant be trusted and are not dependable. She’ll know and understand that if you have kids, you probably won’t be looking after them because you shy from responsibility. It could lead her to believe you would abandon the family once you got tired. The woman now fits your pattern of not being there in every area and aspect of your lives and rightly so. They’re always warning signs to a bad relationship and if you are lacking in one area of he seven something isn’t right.

This is what women want. It’s not much different than what men want except a woman extends this thinking into the future in terms of family life and building a family. Having the children will she do it alone etc…Men need the same things. They just need it expressed a little differently. If men could put themselves in the woman’s shoe they wouldn’t think women were so confusing and difficult. If you have this basic foundation you can build from here on up.
BB New York

Here’s what I want: someone who is honest and not a “game player” – or a player. Someone who is as interested in me and in himself. Someone who has friends and understands the importance of my friends – who doesn’t expect me to give up my friends because we are in a relationship. Someone who has enough interests that I’m not expected to be the sole source of entertainment and affirmation. Someone who is (at least) self-supporting, and can be self-sufficient. Someone who is bright, funny and has a work ethic. Someone who cleans up after himself – and knows how the washer and dryer work and uses them. Someone who enjoys a good cuddle and knows the difference between making love and having sex. Looks? They come BEHIND all this. Good looks would just be a bonus. Oh yes, and in my life, someone who enjoys hockey would be a plus too.
Angela, Colorado

A man strong enough to allow and able to relish their 50+ partners new found confidence and independence
* A man who can go with the flow of life which may turn that 50+ partner in a multitude of directions from new careers to philanthropic adventures to the arts or the grandchildren
* A man confident enough in his own sexuality to know that a 50+ woman has turned d her sex drive 180degrees inside her body and engaged her soul in finally owning her sexuality. It is a powerful experience to be with a woman who knows this and what she offers is not for the weak of heart…take that Viagra!
* A man independent enough to give his 50+ partner the quiet reflective space she will increasingly yearn to explore the mysteries of life and to move slowly and profoundly with her sophisticated wonder
* A man intelligent enough to know that this 50+ woman will cherish the friends she has now because these are the women she has chosen to share her life with, still, and her connection with them is deep and solid. She will not care if her partner likes them or not and she will stay loyal to their friendship
* A man who can enjoy the 50+ woman’s sense of style which has become a personal brand and will not change because of external comment even if she “looks fat in this dress”
Dianna, London

1. Confidence is the most attractive attribute a man can have. Any man can have any women, but they must first believe that they can. Women love confident but not cocky, never cocky-always confident.

2. Women look for that secret confidence that says “I can make any woman happy.” It shows in your mannerisms.

• 3. Being confident and completely comfortable when talking to women draws them in. How to do this? See every woman as taken or not threatening.

• 4. Women want a man that can have fun with conversation. Someone who pays attention and asks questions about them as well as remembering what they were told.

• 5. Women want eye contact; they want to feel listened to, so nod as they talk.

• 6. Women love, in the words of Tim McGraw, “A bad boy that is a real good man,” having that edge of being “bad” while at the same time having good character.

• 7. Women like seeing some rough edges, while also being pulled together. That is “the” balance. It drives the ladies wild.

• 8. They like the man to stay in control of the interactions. Ask the ladies opinion; if she has no preference, then you need to make the decision!

• 9. They want you to keep some things mysterious. Men should deflect talk about them and redirect to talking about the woman. Keep them wanting more of you and they’ll be back for more, but always keep you word and call back when you say will.

• 10. Smelling good, makes women weak in the knees. ALWAYS take time to smell good.

• 11. They love a sly smile. A slightly tilted head and little smirk while listening, gives a playful quality that is inviting.

• 12. Women sometimes enjoy innocent touch, shoulder, knee, and back of the hand-etc. brief & not threatening. Especially if the situation is appropriate and man is attractive and non-threatening himself.

• 13. Women look for that confident walk. When the man walks in like a rock star, he will be noticed. If he just pretends he is famous and adored and walks in the room as that man, women will be drawn in. He can pretend until he starts to believe it.

• 14. Most women enjoy good old fashioned manners. Open doors, pull out chairs and guide the woman, by lightly touching the small of her back. (Think southern gentleman)

• 15. Women swoon over thoughtful, kind gestures. Short handwritten notes, a few flowers wrapped in a bouquet or a small gift for no reason can do wonders for keeping you on the radar!

• 16. Women love independence, it is sexy. Having an active full life without needing a girlfriend in your life makes you irresistible. Never appear needy or clingy.

• 17. Women want a man who spends time developing himself, things like: workout, practice hobbies, read & volunteer your time. Spending time working on your body, your hobbies or worthy projects will make you more interesting.

• 18. Women what a man that looks like he could protect her. When you take care of your body, women will want to touch it. Think defined chest, big arms, small waist and chiseled abs. Even you will want to touch.

• 19. Women want handsome, but not fussy. Good grooming is pivotal, but the man should not spend more time on their look than most women. Keep your rugged male appearance without being smelly or unkempt.

• 20. Being able to sing, dance, play music, or write poetry drives women crazy. Working on one or all will pay off big!
Julie T New York

August 8th, 2010
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August 8th, 2010

A cut glass English accent can fool unsuspecting Americans

A cut glass English accent can fool unsuspecting Americans into detecting a “brilliance that isn’t there”, says Stephen Fry. So is a British accent – of any variety – the route to success in the United States?
“Gee, I just love your accent.”

Any Brit crossing the Atlantic will have heard that line many times. Like the rest of us, Americans are rarely immune to the charms of an accent different from their own.

Go on, say “shagadelic”…
There’s the amusement value of listening to someone who sounds like they might just punctuate their sentences with “oh, behave”. And a British accent can conjure up a stereotype of a polite, droll, self-effacing race. But very few Brits are like Hugh Grant (Grant himself has kicked over the traces of his Four Weddings and a Funeral persona), and Stephen Fry speculates that Americans may be dazzled by the British accent. “I shouldn’t be saying this, high treason really, but I sometimes wonder if Americans aren’t fooled by our accent into detecting a brilliance that may not really be there.” Fry – who puts his own melodious tones down to having “vocal cords made of tweed” – made the suggestion after seeing a “blitz of Brits” scoop many of this year’s Golden Globes and Oscars.

My vocal cords are made of tweed – I give off an air of Oxford donnishness and old BBC wirelesses
Stephen Fry in his autobiography
His comments come as a new generation of British stars are trying to prove themselves in the US, while staying true to their regional roots (and more are landing plum jobs in US hit shows with accents other than their own). About to try their luck are Ant and Dec, who will record the pilot of a new ABC game show – not a bad score in a country where they are best known for a brief cameo playing themselves in Love Actually, and as tone-deaf American Idol contestants playing a joke on judge Simon Cowell, currently the US’s favorite pantomime limey baddie.

The network hopes they will enjoy more success than previous imports Anne Robinson and Johnny Vaughan – his 2005 game show My Kind of Town was cancelled after four episodes, with entertainment industry paper The Hollywood Reporter describing the Londoner as “heavily accented (and equally heavily annoying)”.

America’s most wanted

Another Brit currently feted in the US is Borat creator Sacha Baron Cohen, who gave Rolling Stone a rare interview as himself, rather than in character. The magazine was much taken with his “deep, genteel British accent”, which in the UK might be described as educated north London.

Brits playing, respectively, two Americans and an Iraqi in hit shows
“For most Americans, there’s no distinction between British accents. For us, there’s just one sort of British accent, and it’s better than any American accent – more educated, more genteel,” says Rosina Lippi-Green, a US academic and author of English with an Accent: Language, Ideology and Discrimination in the United States.

“It’s a way of speaking that is all tied up with the Old Country, the Queen.”

This perception extends to any UK accent, she says, divorcing the voice from any regional or class associations it might carry for a fellow Brit.

“There was a sitcom called dead Like Me with a Brit [Callum Blue] in it. He was a scruffy, 20-something drug dealer. Even he had that sort of patina – his was not an RP accent, it was a working class London accent.” As for Parminder Nagra, plucked from Bend It Like Beckham to star in ER with her soft Midlands accent intact: “Oh, she’s thought to be very, very classy, very Oxbridge.”

And Simon Cowell, minting it as an American Idol judge? “He’s the classic stereotype of a stuck-up Englishman – and stuck-up is something that goes with that perception of Britishness.” Little wonder he’s found success – the British baddie is a Hollywood staple.

Master and servant

As is the English butler. Henry Pryor, the founder of and the Register Of Estate Agents website, worked for Savills International in the late 1980s and early 90s, helping wealthy US buyers purchase flashy dockside apartments, gracious town houses and country piles in the UK.

Four Weddings did wonders for British men

“Our accents added a huge amount to what they thought they were buying into. This was the age of Four Weddings and a Funeral and Brideshead Revisited – and Arthur, in which John Gielgud played a butler. They approached having an English broker in the same way as having an English tailor or butler – it was a trophy of sorts.”

And with a classic public school accent, Mr Pryor played up his Englishness. “It added cachet – you were buying a piece of English real estate from a guy who spoke just like Hugh Grant, and might look foppishly like him. I suspect it’s the flipside of what my mother’s generation found during World War II – the English seduced by American accents.”

Katharine Jones, author of Accent of Privilege: English Identities and Anglophilia in the US, says Britons are unusual among immigrant groups in that when an American can’t make out what they’re saying, the reaction is generally positive.

“They might say ‘cute accent’ or ‘say something else’. Anyone else would be told ‘speak English’.” Then there is the air of authority such a voice carries, hence the number of ads that use English-accented voiceover artists for products such as insurance and mouth wash.

Good neighbors

Whereas UK expats in Australia tend to lose their accents quite quickly, those in the US are less likely to, Ms Jones says. “They don’t have as much incentive to change because of the perceived benefits – leaving a message in a ‘posh’ accent about a sought-after apartment and the landlady rings you straight back; the ripped-up parking tickets…”

I get asked if I’m Australian
Strictly Come Dancing judge Len Goodman is currently recording his fourth series of the US version of the BBC show, Dancing with the Stars. He describes his own voice and choice of phrases as Cockney. “Part of the reason they wanted me was my accent. Along with Bruno Tonioli, who’s Italian, it lends the judging panel a cosmopolitan edge.”

But he has modified the way he talks. “I do have to speak more slowly, and I play up to it. I might say ‘that wasn’t my cup of tea’ or ‘give it a bit of welly’. They love those quirky phrases.”

As one who could never be described as sounding like the Queen, Goodman finds that his regional accent often confuses listeners. “I get asked if I’m Australian.”

So does Liverpudlian Alison Walters, an immigration lawyer in Los Angles. But she enjoys feeling unique, and says that people are more friendly, and treat her with respect. “You do get preferential treatment and more of people’s time, but I do think that is also down to our manners – saying please and thank you.”

From time to time I was complimented on how quick I was to pick up the language
Henry Pryor on his expat days
then there’s the perception that a British accent equals a brain the size of a planet – a perception reinforced by the not-uncommon belief that for the British, English is a second language. “From time to time I was complimented on how quick I was to pick up the language,” says Mr Pryor.

Ms Walters adds that as the average American has a hard time following what she’s saying, “perhaps the perception of being more intelligent comes from the fact they only understand 50% of what you are uttering”.

With planeloads of Brits relocating to the US – not to mention three million tourists who visit the country every year – the stereotype of floppy fringes and plummy vowels must surely be due an overhaul.

August 6th, 2010

American women are going a Brit crazy over English accents … especially posh ones

American women are going a Brit crazy over English accents … especially posh ones.

The news was revealed today in a poll commissioned by the latest dating website in the USA in which couples are matched by the sound of someone’s dialect.

The site’s founder, Rochelle Peachey revealed: “American women go crazy over the upper class British accents like Princes William and Harry although I have to say if you breakdown the figures, in the Midwest we found the Cockney or Liverpudlian accent were winners as well.

“But most American men in the Southern states are more likely to be attracted by a regional accent like Geordie or Welsh – the outcome of the poll was fascinating and revealed different tastes in dialect right across the USA.”

The poll findings are bad news for German men and not good for their French counterparts either as the figures revealed the one-time sexy French accent no longer has a great influence on hot blooded American women, unless they live in Washington State where French men came tops ahead of their English and Italian counterparts.

Rochelle developed the I LOVE YOUR ACCENT website after moving to Florida 12 years ago as part of research for a series of books on dating agencies and singles clubs following the success of her best seller Eat Your Lonely Heart Out Published by Virgin UK. There followed My Thousand Americans from Three Rivers Press an imprint of Random House New York.”Wherever I went I discovered Americans loved the sound of an English accent and since we’re in a world where everyone seems to be looking for love I hit on the idea of the I LOVE YOUR ACCENT website,” said the Londoner.  Even in NYC where there is a melting pot of accents Posh English still came out on top as the accent that pleased the ears most.

The top 10 sexy accents favored by American men are:

1. English Posh

2. English Cockney

3. Italian

4. Irish

5. Welsh

6. French

7. English Northern

8. Russian

9. Scottish

10. Spanish
The Top 10 sexy accents favored by American women are:

1. Upper-class English
2. Cockney
3. Scottish
4. Northern English
5. French
6. Italian
7. Spanish
8. Welsh
9. Liverpudlian
10, Russian

American women love the way David Beckham speaks and Guy Richie got a mention although he was noted as that English guy Madonna married .She spoke with a cut glass English accent albeit fake for a while so there’s got to be something to it. The massive success of American idol got Simon Cowell a lot of votes and Americas got talent judges Piers Morgan and Sharon Osborne ranked high on the list, Hugh Laurie’s name came up a few times due to the success of his hit show House which is a little odd as in it he speaks with an American accent.Ali Gee was extremely popular and so was Borat, no one believed they were one and the same Sacha Baron Cohen. Liverpudlian didn’t make it into the men’s top ten but scraped in at number 9 with the women, thank you the Beatles.

The men we polled liked Catherine Zeta Jones Welsh tones and Elizabeth Hurley had a couple of votes as well. Both men and women in all States were still enthralled by Mike Myers Yeah Baby in Austin Powers and Monty Python’s John Cleese is still a favorite. Penelope Cruz and Salma Hayak were worthy of a mention in New York particularly and Antonio Bandera’s sexy tones did it for a few Boston and California gals.

Americans can be easily fooled by the English accent, and will believe any wild tale you tell them especially if you tell it in your pushes accent ever.
Try telling them that we don’t all speak in Cockney rhyming slang and they just wont have it.  Its a common occurrence to be asked about Are you being served and Mrs Slocomb’s pussy amid renditions of I’m Free, The ladies of Florida, Carolinas and Alaska liked Victoria Beckhams accent which is not posh at all but it would take too long to explain.

But all said and done it’s the Brit Posh accent that does it for men and women of the USA where your Queen (or King) awaits you.