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January 11th, 2012
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Is Dating Getting Cheaper in 2012?

Is Dating Getting Cheaper in 2012?

American men and women as well as the Brits are feeling the pinch as this current economic downturn hits us all in the wallet. So how has it affected dating? We asked 300 men on our transatlantic dating site just how many dates they were prepared to pay for before they either called it quits or they expected something in return, a little desert maybe? An astounding 70% said they were happy to fork out for 3 dates, 22% said 4 meals were on them and 8% were only about to pony up for one date!
These guys were from both sides of the pond and there was very little difference in what they felt was just. One commented that a few years back he would have been happy to take a woman on 7 or 8 dates that he paid for without batting any eye but times have changed and he simply cannot afford it. Another was more forward and commented that he was not about to become anyone’s meal ticket yet he did feel men should pay on the first date at least.
As for the women who commented on the poll most were agreeable in that money is tight these days and they would offer to go Dutch yet they were just slightly offended if he took them up on it. A female from Miami was horrified when one guy said he was taking her to dinner then asked her to split the bill, turns out he was just taking her in his car! Ouch!
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Great News
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