Sunday, June 27th, 2010


GET PHOTOS TAKEN – They don’t have to be glamour shots, but wouldn’t you want a rock-star resume for your perfect dream job? You should feel the same way about your online dating profile. Include head shots and photos of you without your family and pets, you can add more later on.

CREATE A CATCHY SCREEN NAME – Come up with a        name that will pique his/her curiosity that may include one of your favorite hobbies. Your goal is to engage in conversation and this is the ice-breaker to get you started.

BE SPECIFIC - If you want to get married, say so. If you are    afraid of scaring someone away, then you have done yourself a favour, a marriage minded man will find you refreshing that you know what you want are aren’t shy about saying it.

DO NOT WRITE A NOVEL- Make your introductions brief. Long-winded descriptions on how you will ride off into the sunset together may make you appear needy and are cliché. Create a little mystery, that beach must be so crowded when the sun goes down don’t you think?

LOSE THAT BAGGAGE – We all have some, just make sure its only carry on. Don’t talk about your ex, past relationships, or how you cant pay your bills, its not sexy and will almost guarantee you won’t receive a reply.

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