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Here are some interesting quotes about Accents

Here are some interesting quotes about Accents, if you have any you would like to add please email them to us at

I love my accent, I thought it was useful in Gone In 60 Seconds because the standard villain is upper class or Cockney. My Northern accent would be an odd clash opposite Nic Cage.
Christopher Eccleston

I personally am not conscious of my accent.
Jared Diamond

I remember walking the dog one day, I saw a car full of teenage girls, and one of them rolled down the window and yelled, ‘Marc Jacobs!’ in a French accent.
Marc Jacobs

I shouldn’t be saying this – high treason, really – but I sometimes wonder if Americans aren’t fooled by our accent into detecting brilliance that may not really be there.
Stephen Fry

I studied voice for three months to get rid of my English accent. I changed my hair to blonde. I knew I could be sexy if I had to.
Deborah Kerr

I think it’s sort of a rite of passage for a British actor to try and get the American accent and have a good crack at doing that.
Orlando Bloom

I think most British people who say they can do an American accent are so bad at it. I find it excruciating. I find it excruciating the other way around, too.
Eileen Atkins

I think that’s what’s great about being an actress is you get to learn so many different things like that, like learning a little bit of Tibetan here, learning a Southern accent there.
Jaime King

I took acting and elocution lessons, to get rid of my Sicilian accent.
Maria Grazia Cucinotta

I used to say that whenever people heard my Southern accent, they always wanted to deduct 100 IQ points.
Jeff Foxworthy

I was the executive editor on a little magazine called Greek Accent, whose only claim to fame is that its art director went on to be the art director of Discover for many years.
Jane Haddam

I will buy any creme, cosmetic, or elixir from a woman with a European accent.
Erma Bombeck

I would quite like to do a different accent or play something so different from myself because Olivia, the character I play in this film, is similar to me.
Charlotte Church

I, on the other hand, have a bit of a southern accent.
Michael W. Smith

I’m a parrot. I can pick up an accent and just do it.
Brion James

If my accent betrayed my foreign birth, it also stamped me as an enemy, in the imagination of the producers.
Bela Lugosi

In Paris, one is always reminded of being a foreigner. If you park your car wrong, it is not the fact that it’s on the sidewalk that matters, but the fact that you speak with an accent.
Roman Polanski

My accent depends on whom I’m around.
Claire Forlani

My accent remained terrible. It was very hard for me to initiate any conversation with someone I didn’t know.
Lawrence Welk

My own dreams fortunately came true in this great state. I became Mr. Universe; I became a successful businessman. And even though some people say I still speak with a slight accent, I have reached the top of the acting profession.
Arnold Schwarzenegger

To be honest, it’s easier for me to speak with an American accent.
Radha Mitchell

To cultivate an English accent is already a departure away from what you are.
Sean Connery

Today’s accent may be on youth, but the stress is still on the parents.
Earl Wilson

Usually, certainly British singers, adopt an American accent when they sing and I think that usually people are thinking of somebody else, but I just think of very specific people.
Jane Horrocks

When I was a kid, Eisenhower had been President forever, and all of a sudden, everything in the world was all about Jack Kennedy. I was 12, interested in politics; my father was from Massachusetts, had an accent like Kennedy.
James Ellroy

When I’m doing an accent, you shouldn’t notice it for a while, if I’m doing it right.
Michael Caine

Work on the accent, it will enliven the whole.
Pierre Bonnard

Working on the accent helped, enormously. I will tell you that when I brought Michael a correct “British” accent, one that my dialect coach was happy with, he hated it.
Madeleine Stowe

You know what? I’m really attracted to British women, there’s something innately proper about them. However badly they behave their accent is so cute that it makes up for everything!
Josh Hartnett

A great actor is independent of the poet, because the supreme essence of feeling does not reside in prose or in verse, but in the accent with which it is delivered.
Lee Strasberg

Accent your positive and delete your negative.
Donna Karan

Americans like the British kind of quirkiness and the strange accent. They find it kind of cute or something, with a certain charm.
Nick Park

Anyone that has come to America past the age of eighteen will be able to understand when I say that you can never shake your accent.
Martin Yan

Are you trying to give me a hint that I should drop it? I can lose the accent; I just have to really focus on what I’m saying. And I have to talk slowly.
Leah Remini

But I just know from experience that accent wise, even if you’re an accent genius, crossing the Atlantic is the hardest thing in the world either way.
Hugh Grant

Christopher Reeve did such an amazing job that to give him some kind of accent or more bravado would have been wrong. Audiences wouldn’t have responded to that either.
Brandon Routh

Everyone seemed to be doing well except me and my career. And my accent was no helping me any.
Desi Arnaz

Everyone thinks that just because you have a Scouse accent, then you must be ‘on the rob’.
Jennifer Ellison

Going to Nashville to meet the in-laws was the first time when I’d been in America and not been seen as some sort of eccentric character with a cute accent.
Nick Lowe

I am trying to make my accent so it won’t bother anyone, but I am not going to drive myself crazy trying to pretend I am an American girl when I am from Colombia.

I created the characters from what I read in the script. I decided how I should talk, accent, no accent, my own voice, or a created voice. Then, I visualize what I should look like.
Ruth Buzzi

I do have a Mexican accent, but that doesn’t mean that I’m a Latin vamp.
Salma Hayek

I don’t need to convince anybody that I know kung fu, but maybe somebody needs to know that I really can act, without doing a Chinese accent or a funny walk.
David Carradine

I don’t want to lose my accent, I just want it to become smaller.
Goran Visnjic

I guess when I first started speaking with an American accent, there’s a tendency to create a caricature of the accent because you just exaggerate the pieces that stand out to you.
Radha Mitchell

I guess you should approach the roles differently when they’re actual people who have been, this is the difference. Getting the accent exact, or the hair exact is less important in a situation like this.
Mary Stuart Masterson

I had a Southern accent but I had broken it so hard.
Josh Lucas

I just didn’t have time to deliver a Buffalo accent in a day, so I didn’t even try it.
Josh Holloway

I learned to change my accent; in England, your accent identifies you very strongly with a class, and I did not want to be held back.

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