Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

Dear England squad

Dear England squad,

Just a quick note before you run off to Dubai or Sandy Lane In Barbados without  a care in the world or a thought for your fans. We know you are all tired and for that reason you didn’t play well,  how sad we are for you. Did any  of you overpaid divas spare a thought for your die heard and devoted fans who worked over time and double shifts to get the money together so they could watch you  make them proud? No, of course not, because you were tired. What a bad joke you have all turned out to be. Your fans are tired of your arrogant don’t care attitude, tired of you all believing you are better than you are and tired of hoping. But how can you be so tired, why are you lot so different from the other inexperienced teams who are still in the World Cup and not tired ? The USA team are being hailed as heroes for their effort, a Country who has only been playing for 5 minutes, where were you all?
You are all a national disgrace, even more that JT and his cheating, Ashley Cole and his sexting  or the delightful rumors of Gerrard and his missus.

How does Rooney have the gall to march onto the coach with his earphones in without a glance at the fans? You have zero respect for those who believed in you all and you showed them all how you really feel about them. Couldn’t one of you have  clapped or acknowledged  your fans as you departed, are you all that arrogant? Remember this, there are younger, better, quicker players who would  give anything to play for their Country and you all moan about being tired.  You all believe you are far better than you are. Well, make sure you all get some good rest now, mind you, I don’t think we’ll be seeing many of you in the next World Cup as its only 4 years away and we wouldn’t want to interrupt your lifestyle with football would we.

a very fed up wife who has had to have an England flag on her car and wear an England shirt to please her gullible husband who dared to believe you could win.

P.S I told him you wouldn’t.


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June 29, 2010

Well said !, what a bunch of W***ers

June 29, 2010
England Fan

How true, well written piece. They deserved to humiliated like they humiliated the country.

July 2, 2010

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