Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

Go Away Little Boys

Go Away Little Boys

The teacher asks little Johnny what his dad does for a living, he answers that he wears a pink tutu and dances for money, surely that’s not true says the teacher, no Johnny says, he plays football for England but I was too embarrassed to say that.

Ok so the jokes are flying and some of them are very funny and some extremely cutting. But should we feel sorry for passing them on as soon as we get them? Especially now as craggy old Capello has announced to the press that his team were tired! What a pathetic attempt at redemption. Why aren’t all the other players from Ghana, Japan, and Columbia poor tired babies? The Germans certainly weren’t tired were they?
Tired, how can that be, do they have jobs on the side, and does anyone work the night shift to pay the bills? They will all be jumping on planes to Sandy Lane or Dubai tomorrow, wags in tow Colleen decked out in designer Asda, maybe Alex Curran can write a few more lines of Gibberish for a newspaper that should know better that to hire a dopey cow to write drivel!
If the England players are so tired, spare a thought for the England supporters.  The die-hard fans that spent thousands on their dream only to watch a miserable bunch of overpaid divas throw it all away.  Don’t you think they are tired of your self indulgent, don’t give a toss attitude? Did any one on that team spare a thought for the millions of fans in South Africa and at home who were rooting for them with all their hearts? I doubt it. Arrogant Rooney who got on the coach with his earphones in didn’t even acknowledge any of the fans, what does that tell you?
The England squad is nowhere near as good as they think they are and certainly not world-class players.
So go home to your wags, John Terry can screw around a bit more now he has nothing else to do, Robert Green can play catch with his kids and Shrek can finish his term at Charm school, no need to clean his boots as he didn’t even play.
What a joke you all are and not even worth passing on as most of you should be put down.


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