Saturday, April 9th, 2011



When I first found them together, I was powerless to do anything about it. He had one like her before, but he told me that she wasn’t big enough, so he wanted another one. She has been Bold, Curvier and currently she is inspiring him. She’s easy to touch, and he often reaches for her. I hate to admit it, but he just seems happier with her on long trips. Yes, they go on trips together. And you’ll think I’m stupid, but yes, sometimes I go in the car with them. She sits up on the dashboard in front of me. She speaks many languages too, what a show off! This little Miss know it all can do mathematics, translations, pin point the best happy hour and makes the cutest of sounds which makes my husband smile and sometimes laugh out loud.

I have a habit of getting lost quite frequently but SHE always knows where to go and has told me more than once exactly where to go, I don’t like her. He would rather listen to her than to me.

She has this fake British-computer voice, and it really gets on my nerves. Perhaps I’m a little jealous of how sexy and confident she sounds, surely not!

I asked him what he sees in her and explained it like this: “She’s unemotional. I like her. She doesn’t digress. She stays on target. She doesn’t bring up things that are unrelated. I can be left alone with my own thoughts in between, and when she does interrupt, it’s to communicate helpful facts. She gives me all the information I need and doesn’t talk about shoes with red soles or nails!

Sometimes she comes into the bedroom with him, and I find her under the pillow or beside him under the duvet.  In the morning when I bring in the tea he is holding her, it makes me so insecure

There are times when she vibrates in his pants and I spot him fingering it to find out who called. I admit, I get a little jealous of that finger action, what about me?

At dinner the other night when I was eager to tell him my news, he wouldn’t put her down, he held her as I was speaking as if she had a right to know too, then she interrupted while I was talking and my husband began a conversation with her that I was not privy to. Maybe I should be thankful he was with me, last week he left me at the bar while he went back home to get her, without her he could not function, it was painful to watch, so I let him go and get her. When he came back he was all smiles, holding her in his hands like a precious doll. My only consolation is knowing that he WILL get bored with her soon, but I also know there WILL be another as he cannot do without her.

I know I am not the only Woman whose husband is having a love affair with his phone, so when you see me out at our table for 3 send me a smile or a wave and let me know I am not alone.

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