Saturday, September 18th, 2010

Duchess Digest: Five Tips for Long Distance Success

After watching the recent new release Going the Distance, I began to ponder just how many relationships have survived long distance and how do both sides make it work? You have likely either been in a long distance relationship or have a close friend who has so you know all too well the challenges that these particular partnerships can sometimes present. Not to worry! We’ve discovered a lovely dating expert to help share some tips to make things work when you’re doing the long distance ‘thing!’

Rochelle Peachey is a dating expert and founder of the site ‘I Love Your Accent’ ( Who better then a British born Florida living dating site founder to help you navigate and go the distance? Rochelle is about to share with you 5 ways to keep the flame burning, even from a distance! Or as she says, “there’s no doubt about it, being one half of a Long Distance Relationship can be tough on your heart but here are a few tips to keep the flame burning while you are apart.”

  1. Communicate constantly by Phone, Text, Skype yes all three. Try to personally say goodnight on the phone but if that’s not possible text some sweet and maybe sexy words so he/she falls asleep with you as the last voice they hear. A wake up call from you is wonderful also, sets them up for the day.
  2. Plan the day you will be together again, talk about where you will go and what you will do (to each other)!
  3. Use good old fashion mail! There is still something special about receiving a gift or cards with that special message from the one you love. Maybe because it took more thought and time than an ecard, but they are good too.
  4. As long as you both agree then get a little sexy on Skype or send him some pictures of you in that skimpy outfit or bikini he loves for you to wear. Keep that flame burning.
  5. Play games together online, laugh and always let the other person know what you are doing and how much you miss them. Words cost nothing and mean so much.

Finally, one of the greatest pieces of advice that Ms. Peachey shares which ties in perfectly with the foundational advice that Duchess always preaches is to make sure to invest in yourself and your own life – it’s a great way to make long distance run it’s course much more smoothly. As Ms. Peachey says, “Missing your love is sometimes the hardest part of all in a long distance relationship. When you have put the phone down, or you weren’t able to speak for long that day, how do you deal with the loneliness and jealousy that can sometimes creep up on you?

The real answer is to try to create a full life for yourself while you are apart. Take up a new hobby maybe something you’ve been wanting to do but never had the time. Build (or rebuild) a social life with friends and family accept invites and do your best to keep busy. Take some time for you, join the gym or book pamper day at the Spa.It’s nice to be missed, but it’s not nice to think of your partner being miserable and missing you so much it becomes unbearable.

Try to plan your life to be full and fun when you can’t be together. Let them know that absence truly does make the heart grow fonder!”

If you’re looking for another outlet for dating and love the accents of other lands, be sure to check out Rochelle’s dating and relationship site for meeting great singles. She is an author and dating expert from London England and the founder of Transatlantic dating site She started the site because she was constantly being asked by her English friends if she could set them up with American dates and her American friends wanted to meet Brits! So if you’re looking for a new avenue for dating, check it out and remember, like Rochelle always says, “Don’t just say I Love Your Accent, be a part of it.”

And that’s great dating advice according to the fabulous Rochelle Peachey and her new convert, the Duchess.

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