Friday, August 6th, 2010

American women are going a Brit crazy over English accents … especially posh ones

American women are going a Brit crazy over English accents … especially posh ones.

The news was revealed today in a poll commissioned by the latest dating website in the USA in which couples are matched by the sound of someone’s dialect.

The site’s founder, Rochelle Peachey revealed: “American women go crazy over the upper class British accents like Princes William and Harry although I have to say if you breakdown the figures, in the Midwest we found the Cockney or Liverpudlian accent were winners as well.

“But most American men in the Southern states are more likely to be attracted by a regional accent like Geordie or Welsh – the outcome of the poll was fascinating and revealed different tastes in dialect right across the USA.”

The poll findings are bad news for German men and not good for their French counterparts either as the figures revealed the one-time sexy French accent no longer has a great influence on hot blooded American women, unless they live in Washington State where French men came tops ahead of their English and Italian counterparts.

Rochelle developed the I LOVE YOUR ACCENT website after moving to Florida 12 years ago as part of research for a series of books on dating agencies and singles clubs following the success of her best seller Eat Your Lonely Heart Out Published by Virgin UK. There followed My Thousand Americans from Three Rivers Press an imprint of Random House New York.”Wherever I went I discovered Americans loved the sound of an English accent and since we’re in a world where everyone seems to be looking for love I hit on the idea of the I LOVE YOUR ACCENT website,” said the Londoner.  Even in NYC where there is a melting pot of accents Posh English still came out on top as the accent that pleased the ears most.

The top 10 sexy accents favored by American men are:

1. English Posh

2. English Cockney

3. Italian

4. Irish

5. Welsh

6. French

7. English Northern

8. Russian

9. Scottish

10. Spanish
The Top 10 sexy accents favored by American women are:

1. Upper-class English
2. Cockney
3. Scottish
4. Northern English
5. French
6. Italian
7. Spanish
8. Welsh
9. Liverpudlian
10, Russian

American women love the way David Beckham speaks and Guy Richie got a mention although he was noted as that English guy Madonna married .She spoke with a cut glass English accent albeit fake for a while so there’s got to be something to it. The massive success of American idol got Simon Cowell a lot of votes and Americas got talent judges Piers Morgan and Sharon Osborne ranked high on the list, Hugh Laurie’s name came up a few times due to the success of his hit show House which is a little odd as in it he speaks with an American accent.Ali Gee was extremely popular and so was Borat, no one believed they were one and the same Sacha Baron Cohen. Liverpudlian didn’t make it into the men’s top ten but scraped in at number 9 with the women, thank you the Beatles.

The men we polled liked Catherine Zeta Jones Welsh tones and Elizabeth Hurley had a couple of votes as well. Both men and women in all States were still enthralled by Mike Myers Yeah Baby in Austin Powers and Monty Python’s John Cleese is still a favorite. Penelope Cruz and Salma Hayak were worthy of a mention in New York particularly and Antonio Bandera’s sexy tones did it for a few Boston and California gals.

Americans can be easily fooled by the English accent, and will believe any wild tale you tell them especially if you tell it in your pushes accent ever.
Try telling them that we don’t all speak in Cockney rhyming slang and they just wont have it.  Its a common occurrence to be asked about Are you being served and Mrs Slocomb’s pussy amid renditions of I’m Free, The ladies of Florida, Carolinas and Alaska liked Victoria Beckhams accent which is not posh at all but it would take too long to explain.

But all said and done it’s the Brit Posh accent that does it for men and women of the USA where your Queen (or King) awaits you.

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August 8, 2010

I suppose we don’t like yorkshire accents,that’s a shame,I think it’s cute :) what happened to the mancs accent? Liverpuddlian is ok but you have to like Stevie Gerrard for that one tee hee!It’s fun to guess which reigonal accent someone has without hearing them yet too.Some people type in their accent,pretty funny.I like them all :)