Thursday, September 27th, 2012

The British are Coming

The British are Coming

As the founder of Transatlantic dating site I Love Your Accent the differences between our languages have always fascinated me. So I was thrilled to read that Americans are now adopting parts of the Brit language and I am not alone in enjoying this phenomenon, mostly because as a Brit I am used to the reverse trend. (American phrases and words, creeping into Britain)
My Bad, 24.7, Touch Base are just three Americanisms we Brits parlay on a daily basis. But who would have thought that the Americans would allow our Vocabulary into theirs?
In the past, ‘Americans who used British phrases did so to sound pretentious’ but now journalists, bloggers and writers are incorporating Britishisms as just ‘another way of distinguishing themselves.

Take a look at three Companies who have embraced us Brits.


Boulder have called their chips CRISPS as we do in GB


Jessica Simpsons new perfume is called I fancy you!


Even Nike are asking you to give the gift of Sport and not Sports!

Apparently there are some Americanisms that don’t go down too well with the Brits and 10 are listed below. I have included my pet peeve at number 1. Whats yours? let me know at

1. Turned up missing…… did she turn up or is she missing?
2. Is Physicality really a word?
3. Winningest is surely made up, right?
4. Least worst option, next time someone says that, tell them their best option is learning grammar.
5. Gotten, what kind of word is that?
6. Normalcy, shouldn’t we say Normality?
7. You do the Math……… its Maths.
8. Period…. no, its full stop, period is something else entirely.
9. I got it for free….. no, you got it free
10. Where you at? Its where are you surely!

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