Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

I Love Indian Food

RED-HOT Rochelle Peachey has eaten curry for her last 29,565 meals.

The 45-year-old spice girl had her first taste of the fiery grub as a teenager and has not looked back, even scoffing it for breakfast.
Now Rochelle reckons she has to munch Indian delicacies all the time because everything else tastes too bland.
She even chomps whole chillis and takes a special strong sauce wherever she goes to make sure her dishes are hot enough.
“I must have done something to my taste buds because I can’t eat a bland meal now,” she said.
“A lot of the curries I have are far too spicy for most people. They can’t believe I can eat them without a sip of water.”
Now Rochelle has been named Britain’s curry queen by spicy food giant Pataks, who rewarded her with free pickles and sauces to celebrate National Curry Week, which began yesterday.Rochelle was even too hot for husband Phil, 46.
He used to throw away meals she cooked him and get a burger instead, until she converted him by sneakily adding curry powder to his sandwiches.
But Rochelle, from Gants Hill, Essex, said: “He still can’t quite handle it super-hot and sometimes shies away from it even now, particularly if I cook him one of my special vindaloos.”


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