Thursday, May 26th, 2011

Americans didn’t love her Accent

So Cheryl Cole couldn’t woo the American viewers and had to go home! Poor Cheryl, so beautiful but oh that Geordie accent, its harsh and difficult for Brits to understand so the Yanks had no chance of warming to her.

What is the accent that makes you feel most comfortable, or what accents is so sexy it sends shivers down your spine?

Tell us the accent that grates on your last nerve and which one makes you wish that you could speak that way.

Do you just love a Texan drawl or a posh London Accent, maybe a Cockney tone does it for you. How about laid back Californian voices or Scouse like the Beatles?

Accents are what makes us all different and remember, if you really dislike your own accent, you can change it with a little work.

E-mail me please:

There’s a prize for the email we like the best.

Dont just say I Love Your accent, be a part of it.

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