Saturday, November 13th, 2010

To Pay or not to Pay?

That is the question. Should you sign up to a free dating site or go for the one that charges a fee? Research shows that when someone first decides to try online dating, they do go on a few of the free sites, they look around and see how it works but when they decide to get serious about finding a partner then they sign up to a paid site.

The free dating sites allow anyone and everyone to sign up. There are no verifications and so therefore you have no idea if the person is over 18 or if they are who they say they are. It also allows the many scammers out there who just love to try and con as many people they possibly can. A paid site such as ours at ILOVEYOURACCENT.COM requires a small monthly charge, at present its a mere $10 per month. This fee stops the scammers as of course they wont pay, but more importantly they don’t want a paper trail of who and where they are.

Free dating sites have a place in the world for sure but anyone who is genuinely looking to meet a significant other will come to the realization that for the price of a glass of wine they wont have to deal with someone asking them for money or be bombarded with emails from women selling their wares.

If you want to find your mate then why not sign up to for just $10, who knows, you may be in love for the holidays?

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