Thursday, November 11th, 2010

Free Dating Site vs. Paid Dating Site

Does joining a free dating site mean you will meet cheap people? In most cases the answer is a resounding YES! Along with the cheapies there will be the scammers who try to get money from you with sob stories of sick children and relatives and with a free site there will never be a way of tracking them down. Without a doubt they will be using a free email account and if you are unfortunate enough to have sent any money you can bet your last dollar the email address will be removed faster than you can say “Why did I do that”?
On a paid site, there are no guarantees but you will find that most of the members are serious about finding a partner or friend and remember this, if they have to give a credit card to join they are less likely to try to do anything wrong.
Online dating is as much fun as you make it and millions of people worldwide have met the love of their lives online.
ILYA has had wonderful success with 4 Weddings since February this year. So why not join us and see what happens?

Don’t just say I Love Your Accent, be a part of it.

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