Thursday, March 24th, 2011

It’s just the way I speak

When Americans say they love the English accent, don’t they really mean they love how Hugh Grant and Kate Winslet speak? How many Americans are aware that Brits have countless dialects and many of them would be as difficult to understand as a foreign language?

Take the Glasgow Accent for starters, even I have trouble with that and I am a true Londoner. I don’t believe the strong Newcastle accent would tempt to many Yanks to that part of the world, sorry Cheryl Cole, as pretty as you are your accent is decidedly ugly.

The upper class Queens accent is the one Americans find appealing and that is probably because TV portrays us Brits as running around drinking tea at 3 and yelling TA Ta to all and sundry. Please tell me your comments on what accents make you melt and the accents you find irritating.

Ta Ta for now.


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One Response

March 24, 2011

Very nice…I don’t think people appreciate how many accents/dialects there are.