Hi Rochelle, I am glad you contated me, it was a few months ago when I saw you on a I think GMTV in England, I currently live in Spain and work as a professional photographer in London and Spain, I love the American way and even more love their accent, I looked on you site and was very impressed so decided to join and upload some photos.

I looked through a few of the ladies on your site and saw Leslie, Leslie is 43 I am 54 but the main reason initally for contacting her was not for a relationship although she is beautiful I was aware of the age difference, you see for many years I was told I has extended family in Cheektowaga, Buffalo, NY, I asked if she knew of Cheektowaga and as its only 15 minutes from where she lives she knew it very well.

Well to date, I have been to Buffalo for 10 days to meet Leslie, Leslie came over to Spain to be with me for 8 days recently and we are so much in love to the point we do not want to be apart.

So I must say many thanks for you and your site, it has found me at the age of 54 my first true love, and my extended family in Cheektowaga.

Please feel free to use any of the content of this e-mail or if you prefer contact me on my home phone for more details.

Rick Warne [view profile]

I recently joined I Love Your Accent.com and I met someone within the first few days on the site. We communicated for a few weeks before meeting, and I just returned from a wonderful holiday with him in Spain. My girlfriend also joined the site and has met a wonderful British man as well. They are now planning their third trip to meet one another. I highly recommend this site to anyone who is looking to meet quality people for long term relationship.

Michelle, California

Hi, I met the love of my life on this site and now we are married and expecting a baby. Without Iloveyouraccent we would never have found each other and for that I will be forever grateful to you Rochelle. Good luck with the site.

Mitchell & Grace

Carmen and I have would like to thank you at ILYA as we have discovered a love that others can only wish for. I adore her and thankfully she feels the same way. I cannot thank you enough, congratulations on your upcoming birthday, I have entered the contest so I have my fingers crossed.

Carmen and Alex, Conn/Southampton

This site has been a Godsend for me, I met a wonderful man from England and we are now married. I was on another well known site for 5 years and on ILYA for just one month when I met my husband. Thank you Rochelle and the ILYA team.

Kelly, Orlando

Iloveyouraccent.com has made my dream come true as I have met a beautiful lady from Ohio who is about to become my wife. This site works people!

Mark, Cheshire

Rochelle you have made me so happy, my husband and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Without you and this site, we would never have found each other.

Cheryl and Martin Brookly/Sommerset.

A friend told me about this site and because of her I have found my own American dream. Thank you for bringing us together and I recommend this site to everyone.

Davina Collingford, Wiltshire, England