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      america meets the uk
      Location: United States of America, Pennsylvania, Wilkes-Barre
      Members: 18
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      History & Tradition in UK
      want to share & learn all about the UK
      Location: United States of America, Florida, Dunedin
      Members: 9
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      how do i cancel this
      please i lost my job and need the paypal off my account asap!!! help!!!!
      Members: 5
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      Shall we meet?
      Let's actually meet and be proactive about this.
      Location: United Kingdom
      Members: 2
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      americans who plans to move to the uk
      Location: United States of America, Virginia, Fredericksburg
      Members: 6
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      Visiting the UK?
      This Group is for people, particularly Ladies who would like to have some personal guidance in the U
      Location: United Kingdom, England, London
      Members: 58
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      Results : 1-6 Total : 6