December 6th, 2010

Dave & Bill Love Your Accent, Rochelle Peachey – Safe Digital Dating Online…

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Sometimes, the Internet seems like walking through a mind field. Unfortunately, when you are consistently looking for the next nefarious misuse or some misguided individual whose moral compass is skewed, it is nice to see some sunshine in the digital forest.

The idea of half a billion individuals coming together to socialize on one platform, seems a pretty good indication that people are social and many are looking or wondering how to meet someone safely and develop a relationship. Online dating is white noise for me after years of marriage; however, for many it is how relationships occur. That is how a good friend of mine met his wife, online.

I remember thinking, when he first told me he had met someone online and was dating how strange that might be. That was at least eight years ago, today I guess it is not so different than calling someone on the phone to introduce yourself, as it was during my college days. However, these digital times are different, if you are looking for a relationship online; you do need to recognize what a legitimate dating site looks like, and how to spot a con man.

Rochelle Peachey is the owner of a dating site called, “I Love Your Accent”. Rochelle, is connecting Brits with Americans, and knows firsthand why so often dating sites receive a bad rap. Unfortunately, dating sits are notorious for con men for targeting lonely individuals. To add insult to injury not only are the lonely targeted but also the site owners.

For example, when Rochelle first began, she was approached online by an individual, complimenting her on the site. Which was more a ploy than compliments that eventually lead to asking, Rochelle, if she would be interested in buying Facebook profiles for her “I Love Your Accent” dating website? Anyone just starting out online understands the importance of building a community, maybe more so for an online dating site. These hijacked Facebook profiles were complete with personal information. Other than, the obvious, selling stolen Facebook profiles is wrong. Nonetheless, Rochelle points out some solid business reasoning why that kind of thinking would put them out of business before they got started.

Both Rochelle and her husband tried to bring this to the attention of the authorities, but no one seemed interested. At one point, they had the interest of Good Morning America who might air the story, but eventually backed out without an explanation.

Any law enforcement or agency interested to know of a site that sells stolen Facebook profiles, including the evidence that verifies you can buy stolen Facebook profiles complete with personal information, then contact The CyberHood Watch partners. We would like to stop this, and we will put you in touch with Rochelle.


Note: Dave & Bill had two interviews today. The first hour was with Krystle Nicole Russin and you can read about in the The CyberHood Watch community here. The second interview starts at the sixty minute time stamp.

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Rochelle wants our readers of The CyberHood Watch, our listeners of CHWR to understand that there are good and bad dating sites, and you can tell the difference. It seems the number one red flag is when you are asked for money…Time to move on – dates over.

Here are a few other tips:

• Know whom you are speaking to – Skype – cam

• Know where you are going – If you decide to meet get an address and details where someone can find you.

• Both parties should be willing to give up information about each other – there has to be some trust – but do backgrounds searches.

Another good tip when considering a dating site is to invest financially a small fee – SCAMMERS WON’T PAY! There is value in paying for a good dating site.

This December, look for Rochelle’s SPEED DATING ACROSS THE POND.

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david c ballard

Radio Security Journalist

December 2nd, 2010

Cheryl Cole and that Accent!

Geordie lass Cheryl Cole formerly of Girls Aloud is headed to the USA to star in Simons Cowell’s new show X Factor. Pretty girl for sure, prefers to mime rather than sing live and with a glossy mane and pearly whites she is bound to be a favourite with Americans …… until she opens her mouth. For Ms Cole’s Geordie accent will not be celebrated Stateside. Long story short, they wont understand her. Geordies are very fond of using the word Pet where Londoners will say Love.

Are you ok Love?

Ah yah ooh key Pet?

For those of you not familiar with Cheryl Cole and her words of wisdom on UK X Factor just check her out on Youtube.

I like her, she’s the nations sweetheart after all but not sure how many people will say

I Love Your Accent.

November 29th, 2010

Single no more

Thanksgiving is over and Christmas is looming. New Year will be here before you know it and 2011 is the year to kickstart your life.

Whether its dieting or a career change, house move or your love life that has taken a back seat, now is the time to get going.

I can’t help too much with dieting and career but I can help with finding a partner. will celebrate our first birthday on Valentines day 2011. With 4 Weddings and a baby on the way we are proud of our achievements in such a short space of time. The members on our site who have been successful are from all walks of life and from both sides of the pond.  To make your self stand out from the crown on a dating site is really quite simple.

A picture is a must, no getting around that, a good head shot is all you need to start. You can add more later.

Witty headline and interesting profile will pique member’s interest. Make it interesting or witty both will work and remember to stay positive.

Be polite and answer all emails even if it’s to say thanks but no thanks. Manners never go out of fashion.

If you are serious about finding a partner make sure you have an open mind. Don’t expect people to jump through hoops or answer your checklist, they don’t know you yet.

Online dating can and should be fun, so get your picture, write that profile and go get them.

Don’t just say I Love Your accent, be a part of it.

November 13th, 2010

To Pay or not to Pay?

That is the question. Should you sign up to a free dating site or go for the one that charges a fee? Research shows that when someone first decides to try online dating, they do go on a few of the free sites, they look around and see how it works but when they decide to get serious about finding a partner then they sign up to a paid site.

The free dating sites allow anyone and everyone to sign up. There are no verifications and so therefore you have no idea if the person is over 18 or if they are who they say they are. It also allows the many scammers out there who just love to try and con as many people they possibly can. A paid site such as ours at ILOVEYOURACCENT.COM requires a small monthly charge, at present its a mere $10 per month. This fee stops the scammers as of course they wont pay, but more importantly they don’t want a paper trail of who and where they are.

Free dating sites have a place in the world for sure but anyone who is genuinely looking to meet a significant other will come to the realization that for the price of a glass of wine they wont have to deal with someone asking them for money or be bombarded with emails from women selling their wares.

If you want to find your mate then why not sign up to for just $10, who knows, you may be in love for the holidays?

November 12th, 2010

Is the English Accent sexy?

English people would probably say No especially if they came from Newcastle or Essex. Both are quite irritating on the eardrums. But Many Americans seem to thing the opposite about the way English people speak. As a Londoner living in the USA I am always told that they love my accent and I find it quite pleasing really, but I find the American way of speaking far sexier. I don’t love every American accent but I do enjoy listening to
the Southern drawl from Texas y’all. If you thing English accents are sexy please email us and let us know your favorites, if you cant stand the way we speak, let us know that too, we can take it.

Don’t just say I Love Your Accent, be a part of it.

November 11th, 2010

Free Dating Site vs. Paid Dating Site

Does joining a free dating site mean you will meet cheap people? In most cases the answer is a resounding YES! Along with the cheapies there will be the scammers who try to get money from you with sob stories of sick children and relatives and with a free site there will never be a way of tracking them down. Without a doubt they will be using a free email account and if you are unfortunate enough to have sent any money you can bet your last dollar the email address will be removed faster than you can say “Why did I do that”?
On a paid site, there are no guarantees but you will find that most of the members are serious about finding a partner or friend and remember this, if they have to give a credit card to join they are less likely to try to do anything wrong.
Online dating is as much fun as you make it and millions of people worldwide have met the love of their lives online.
ILYA has had wonderful success with 4 Weddings since February this year. So why not join us and see what happens?

Don’t just say I Love Your Accent, be a part of it.

November 5th, 2010

Why do we love Men with Accents?

Everyone knows somebody who speaks with an accent different to their own and while the French are renowned for their sexy accents there is a huge plethora of different and unusual dialects in the world. The Jamaican accent for example can be extremely difficult to understand as Jamaicans speak quite fast and many tend to cross over into Patois in which case you will think they are speaking in a foreign language! The Brits have many different accents, of course Irish, Scottish and Welsh accents are a million miles away from the English accent which in itself has multiple dialects. Its quite appealing when you meet a man who can speak with many different accents and perform them so well that you may not know just which accent is home grown.

If you love accents, give us a try at I Love Your accent

November 4th, 2010

Crazy Accents

Take a trip to New York or London and you will happen upon some crazy accents as you encounter people from all over the world. Both places are a melting pot and are alive with the sounds of all the wild and crazy accents you could ever imagine.

Its fun to eavesdrop on a conversation and try to guess where that crazy accent comes from!

Not just Spanish, Italian or French, I’m talking about   Armenian accents, Israeli, African and so many more.  Some times its impossible to work out where the accent is coming from but its what makes many big cities what they are today.

If crazy accents do it for you, give us a try at

Don’t just say I love your accent, be a part of it.

November 3rd, 2010

Dating By Accents

Would you date someone just because of their accent?  Personally I think you can be turned on or delight in hearing someone speak in an accent that just does it for you but hasn’t there got to be something more? allows you to choose the accent you desire to hear out of a potential partners mouth just by searching the site. When you come across someone who has the required vocals you will be able to see their face and if you like that as much as the accent, then you are good to go.

If you would like to try Dating By Accents, give us a try at

Don’t just say I love your accent, be a part of it

November 2nd, 2010

Men With Accents

Why do women love men with Accents?   American women say they love the British accent but Brits speak with such an array of accents that there would surely be some that they detest.

Top of the accents is the Posh voice, similar to Hug Grant and Prince William

Then there is the London Cockney accent as spoken by Mr David Beckham.

The Liverpool and Geordie accent along with the Scottish can be difficult to understand especially when hearing it for the first time., but Irish accents are extremely popular with American women.

What is your favorite accent? Please let us know at